Independent Sponsor

SpringOwl is an Independent Sponsor which is focused on executing transactions in the Regal (Real estate, Gaming/Hospitality, and Leisure) industries.  Our strategy is to identify a target, raise the necessary capital to acquire it (typically from four sources high net worth individuals, private equity firms, hedge funds and family offices).  After acquisition, SpringOwl focuses on executing changes it believes are necessary to provide proper corporate governance, macro and micro strategy analysis, management team development, optimization of operational efficiencies in addition to devising and executing new business plans prior to exit. 

SpringOwl’s strategy continues to gain momentum as it provides financial partners with exposure to investment opportunities and deals that they may not have otherwise come across. SpringOwl provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the REGAL sectors, as well as strategic and operational insight that can prove invaluable to investors, whether established private equity firms or otherwise. Private Equity firms, in particular have big appetites for established Independent Sponsors such as SpringOwl when assessing new investment opportunities; independent sponsors provide a more flexible alternative. 

As an independent sponsor, SpringOwl has achieved a high-success rate in raising capital, setting a strategy and executing on that strategy resulting in highly profitable exits. It has a proven track record, with many investors favoring the independent sponsor model as it provides control over investment terms and decisions, and more access to deals. 

SpringOwl is an established partner with individual investors, private equity firms, hedge funds and family offices, who continue to trust in its ability to manage and close successful transactions on a deal-by-deal basis.


average years experience of senior management

$1 Bn

raised through various different partnerships


of the firm is owned by senior management